About the Campaign

This Is Not A Game is a social marketing campaign from WCP | Wildlife Crime Prevention working in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife. The campaign’s creative partners are Y&R Lusaka | Young & Rubicam Lusaka and Giraffe Media Productions. This Is Not A Game is funded by the Lion Recovery Fund and the National Geographic Society through WCP | Wildlife Crime Prevention and works with many other stakeholders in the field. It is the culmination of years of scientific work to better understand the illegal bushmeat trade in Zambia and its impacts on both people and wildlife.

Partners and Supporters

Department of National Parks and Wildlife

The Department of National Parks & Wildlife (DNPW) is mandated under the Zambia Wildlife Act 2015 to manage and conserve Zambia’s wildlife, which covers 31 percent of the country’s land mass. DNPW endeavours to integrate the wildlife policy with economic, environmental and social policies to ensure effective contribution to sustainable national development.

The Lion Recovery Fund

Launched by the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Lion Recovery Fund drives your investment to game-changing actions by the most effective, vetted partners who work collaboratively to bring lions back. Through strategic investments and collaboration with other public and private donors, the Lion Recovery Fund aspires to support a doubling of the number of lions by 2050, the same year when Africa’s human population is expected to double. We are committed to seeing thriving Savannah landscapes where Africa’s people, its economic development and its lions all coexist.

National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society is a global non-profit organization committed to exploring and protecting our planet. We fund hundreds of research and conservation projects around the world each year and inspire new generations through our education initiatives and resources.

WCP Zambia

Wildlife Crime Prevention supports the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to reduce the illegal wildlife trade across Zambia and neighbouring countries throughout the region. Zambia is a vital range state for many elephant populations, a stronghold for significant carnivore populations as well as a number of other rare and endangered species. Zambia is located at the centre of several Southern African transit networks. Illegal wildlife products, including those from neighbouring countries are transported from and through Zambia destined for a variety of transit routes and markets, often ultimately ending up in Asia.


The aim of the Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia is to foster the growth of the private wildlife estate and especially its national contribution to food production and security, job creation and community development, wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation and private sector development.

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